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We Buy Houses in Bothell WA “Sell My House Fast for Cash”

When you sell your house in Bothell, you should know we buy houses for cash.

Sell your house in any condition. It’s that easy!

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Sell Your House Fast For Cash Bothell

Sell Your House In Bothell for Cash

Here at Sold Simple Seattle, we aim to give people the information they need to make an informed decision on how they can sell their Bothell house fast for cash and move on with their life out from under the burden of their property causing them stress. We want to make the process simple and fast. Our goal is to offer you multiple options for selling fast. We can sell your home fast or we can buy your home fast for cash. Best of all, it is all available under one roof!

We’ll guide you through every step.

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Fast Cash Offer

We BUY homes! Skip the ordeal of listing your Bothell house with our Cash Offer Program or have us list your property for you on the MLS to fetch a higher price.

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We Buy Houses

Consider all your possible options for selling your Bothell house. Our offers to buy come with no strings attached! Get cash fast when we buy as-is.

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Sell House Fast

You can move as quickly as 7 days from today or on the date you choose when you use our Cash Offer option. Whether we buy your house or help sell your home, you set your timelines.

“Everyone should team with Phil to sell their home!”

“Phil was amazing and was able to navigate selling a house fast during Covid. He was very thoughtful and we couldn’t have done it without him. Everyone should team with Phil to sell their house fast!”

Sell My House Fast In Bothell

If you choose to work with Sold Simple Seattle to sell your house fast, you have your choice of selling methods. How’s that work? We are both licensed real estate agents and investors who buy houses. We can buy your house fast. We are able to offer a fast cash price or help you to sell for top dollar on the MLS. No matter how you sell, we can help you out as we’ve done with countless other sellers with our 15+ years of experience. Want fast, convenient and cash? Or more sell more traditional? The choice is yours.

We Buy Houses in Bothell [Sell My House Fast]

Our “Fast Cash Sale” Option:

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Sell your house to Sold Simple Seattle

We’ll make you a fair cash offer so you can sell without the hassles and stress of listing. We buy your house.

  • Competitive Cash offer within 24 hours
    Send us a bit of information about your house and we will carefully put together your fair fast cash offer. No obligation to sell! We like to buy but aren’t tied to that outcome.
  • No Showings – No Hassle
    Stick with us and you don’t have to deal with the annoyance of open houses and showings. We like fast and easy.
  • You choose your closing day
    When our offer is done, we can close in mere days. Sell fast. No waiting around for your buyer to get financed! We buy with cash fast.
  • We’ll cover any repairs
    Does your property need a lot of work? Not a problem for us when we buy! We make repairs after we buy.
  • We pay all closing costs
    We know it can be expensive to pay closing costs and other fees, which is why we never charge any when we buy.
  • No fees or commissions
    When we buy your house directly, we don’t charge you any extra fees or commissions at all. Get your cash fast when you sell.

Our “Sell For Top Dollar” Option:

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List your house with Sold Simple Seattle

Perfect if you want to maximize your sale price and sell it fast on the Bothell market.

  • Maximize your sale price
    We will sell your Bothell area house at the highest possible price. We can do this using our vast buyer network and top-notch marketing methods. Someone else will buy your house and we will help you sell it to them.
  • More peace of mind
    If your buyer loses interest or financing, we can always step in as your last-minute backup option to buy fast.
  • Bothell expertise at every step
    We will work with you during each step of the process. We are area experts and here to help you out.
  • Our cash offer is on standby
    You have a lot of options with us. You can get a cash quote, and never accept if you’d like. It is also helpful as a fast option if you need to sell later. We’ll always buy for cash.
  • *Ask about our “Fix and List” option
    For the right situations, we can often fund and do improvements to your house to raise the value for a higher sales price. This can help sell your home fast in Bothell.

    *Inquire to see if your house qualifies for our “fix and list” program

Sell my House to a Cash Buyer in Bothell

To begin, all you need to do is send us a few details about your Bothell property. Have questions? Feel free to call us at 206-337-0616.
You can get your cash offer within 24 hours.

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Sell In As-Is Condition

Tell us a bit about your Bothell house. We’ll get right to work putting together your offer.

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Fast Cash Offer

You’ll get a fair cash offer based on market research and the condition of the property.

options for selling your Bothell Washington home

Easy Home Sale

You pick the method you’d like to use to sell. No pressure to take our offer.

“Phil worked hard to meet our schedule.”

“The whole process couldn’t have been easier. Phil did a great job of keeping us informed along the way and we got the results we were looking for. We were trying to sell our Seattle home in a very tight window and Phil worked hard to meet our schedule.”

“I Need To Sell My House Fast In Bothell!”

Not quite sure how you want to sell your house here in Bothell? Work with us! Because we are a real estate investment company and licensed real estate agents, we can offer two different great options for selling your home in Bothell. You can have it all in the convenience of just one company. Our goal is to listen to your situation and make sure you understand your options. We will buy your house fast for cash or help you sell your house fast & someone else can buy your house.

Some of the ways we work with homeowners include:

We can list your house on the market for you. With our excellent marketing methods, we can help to sell your Bothell house the traditional way.

Or, maybe you’d prefer a fast and simple process. If this is your preference, we can buy your house and finish the deal when you’re ready.

We can buy your Bothell house for a fast and fair cash price. Contact us today!

We Offer Fast Way To Sell Your Bothell House for Cash

  • Avoid real estate agent commissions
  • Avoid closing costs
  • No Cleaning or Repairs with our Fast Cash Offer
  • Avoid open houses
  • See what we can offer for your house today.
  • We buy houses in Bothell fast
  • 15 year track record
  • Already got an offer? Let us try to beat it!
  • Fast cash when we buy

We do things a little different here at Sold Simple Seattle. We aren’t limited to just one home selling option for you. You see, we’re not just real estate investors, and we’re not just real estate agents…we’re both! By deciding to partner with us for your house selling needs, we can help you determine the best selling solution for you. We have seen it all and have a great track record of solving challenging and unique property problems. We buy and we help sell fast in Bothell.

Contact us by filling out the inquiry form below. Your all-cash offer will be prepared and sent to you in a short 24 hours. We can either list your house on the market to find you a great buyer, or make a cash offer ourselves with no need to make any repairs. Whether you’d prefer the ease and convenience of a cash offer, or want to list and get top dollar, we have you covered.

We buy houses in any and every condition, which means, no repairs, upgrades, or clean up is required. Just cash in your pocket. It really can be this easy. When we buy your home, there are no fees or commissions. We don’t list your house…we’re actually looking to buy your home for cash. We are ready to buy! (Go here to learn about our process →)

We Buy Houses in Bothell!

It truly doesn’t matter how rough your house looks, the tricky situation you may be dealing with, or the timeline you require. We buy all houses in many different circumstances and pay cash.

We have a simple goal. We want to help make your life and house selling process easy. Our aim is to get you free from the house that is burdensome. We offer you a fair and reasonable cash price along with years of experience and expertise helping homeowners just like you. We can either list your house on the market for you, find you a cash buyer, or buy directly ourselves with cash. Either way, we have the solution to help!

Our goal is to help make your life easier by getting you out from under the property that’s stressing you out. We can give you a fair and honest cash offer for your house if you are in a hurry to sell. Or, if you’re looking to maximize the amount you can get for your house, we can partner with you to list your Bothell house on the MLS and sell it for top dollar. Either way, we’ve got you covered!

Get Your Fast, Cash Offer Today!

START HERE: We buy houses in ANY CONDITION. Receive your FAST, CASH offer now.
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Sell Your House in Bothell Without an Agent

We know there are so many reasons people may need to sell their houses quickly. It could be due to a tricky and lengthy divorce, concerns about foreclosure, the untimely and tragic loss of a relative, or a property used for renting that you’re tired of maintaining. Sold Simple Seattle is here to help you out if you are stuck in a tricky spot. We buy houses in Bothell and surrounding areas, for a fair cash price, fast. We can also help to sell your house on the market if you’d prefer to go that route.

Ready to be done paying for a house that you just don’t want? House in probate? Behind on your mortgage? If you’re ready to be rid of your house fast, reach out to us today by calling our local office at 206-337-0616. We are experienced real estate professionals who also buy houses and are here to help!

We buy houses in Bothell and all surrounding areas in. We work with homeowners in any situation. If you need to sell your house fast, connect with us today. We would love to make you a fair, no obligation, no-hassle offer. Take it or leave it. You’ve got nothing to lose. 🙂

Frequently asked Questions about Cash Home Buyers

At Sold Simple Seattle, we buy houses for cash in Bothell to make your home sale simple. Without much effort, your house will be “Sold Simple”! We are local and are fair and kind in how we operate. As a company that buys homes, we understand the importance of a fast cash sale. That’s why we offer cash for houses and remove the drawbacks of a traditional “on-market” sale. But if you prefer to sell your house traditionally, we are ready to help with that too.

Are the “We buy houses” companies a scam?

There are bad apples in every industry. When talking to a company that wants to buy your home, look for the following: A credible website with helpful information. Videos of the people you will work with to sell your house. Testimonials and reviews. Are they local people or a large national company? Will they meet with you in person to discuss buying your house? How fast can they close? If you want a cash offer, not every buyer is the same!

Can I stay in my house after you buy it?

The main goal is to work out terms that are helpful to YOU! To sell and moving fast doesn’t work for everyone. We are happy to work out an arrangement for you to sell your house and stay there for an agreed upon time. Another solution is to buy your property with a longer closing period. Fast isn’t always best. Nailing your desired time to sell and getting your cash fast and ASAP is what’s best.

If you buy my home, do I need to clean or make repairs?

When we buy your house, you do NOT need to make any repairs or clean anything in the home. You can take what you want out of the home and leave the rest. We will budget for a clean out of the property after closing. We make it easy when we buy and will never call your house ugly! 🙂

What are the fees if you buy my house?

Part of our agreement to buy your home is that you will not pay any fees. In fact, we will pay for your title and escrow fees and typical settlement costs. When we buy your home, you pay zero commissions.

What are the fees if you sell my house on the market?

Every property type necessitates a different fee structure. Vacant land, mobile homes, single family homes and apartment buildings are all so different and demand different marketing strategies to sell. Fill out our form to get started and we can discuss the fee structure to sell your property.

Get Your Fast, Cash Offer Today!

START HERE: We buy houses in ANY CONDITION. Receive your FAST, CASH offer now.
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The Best Way to Sell Your Home Fast in Bothell

To sell your Bothell home fast, reach out to us at Sold Simple Seattle. Don’t own real estate in Bothell? No problem. We buy houses all over Washington State. We buy houses in Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma and everywhere in between. We are ready to help. Reach out today!

” He has great composure, and patience and goes out of his way to make it a painless and successful experience…”

“Phil was great to work with in trying to sell our home. He was extremely professional and provided great advice in determining a price and reviewing the offer. He continuously monitored the closing process to ensure that the house closed smoothly in a very tight time frame of two weeks. He has great composure, and patience and goes out of his way to make it a painless and successful experience for everyone involved. I highly recommend Phil.”

Cash Home Buyers Seattle Cash For My House Seattle We Buy Houses Seattle Sell My House For Cash Seattle WA Sell My House Fast Seattle Buy Fast Cash Sell Fast Cash

Sell My House Fast Bothell WA | Sold Simple Seattle

It’s true that real estate transactions just go more smoothly when homebuyers are paying with all cash. Closing times are shorter, there are fewer sleepless nights wondering what will go wrong with the loan application at the bank, and they tend to buy as-is. What do you do when you need to sell your home fast, but extensive repairs are out of the question, either because they’re too costly or too time consuming? Busy home sellers have a few options in this scenario, including selling as-is, completing just minor repairs, and focusing on only the big-ticket items most buyers are concerned about.

If you have never sold a house for cash before, the process highlighted below will simplify the process and minimize the stress you will deal with throughout the process.

Find Out How Much Your House is Worth

Determine the value of your home before considering any offers. Requesting a complimentary comparative market analysis (CMA) online is one of the quickest and easiest ways to uncover the worth of your house. A CMA is a valuation done based on recent comparable property sales in the area. If you do not intend to use a real estate agent and want a more official estimate of the value of your property, you can engage a professional appraiser. 

Cash buyers typically make quicker offers than buyers who finance. They understand that their offers are more appealing to sellers since they have fewer contingencies, do not rely on loan approval, and can close faster than financed offers. 

Ask for Cash Offers

If time is of the essence, contact an iBuyer right away to get a cash offer on your home. Cash offers can be made in as short as 24 hours. You can also create cash bids by focusing on we buy houses Seattle companies. An increase in demand for houses results in a seller’s market. Cash offers are everywhere in such a market. You might get a few cash offers in a more balanced housing market.


Avoid Getting Scammed

Keep an eye out for fraudsters when you’re researching cash offers. There are many honest, trustworthy cash buyers, but real estate scams are rampant, and not every cash buyer is ethical. Here are some pointers to help you avoid becoming a victim of a scam:

  • Do not send money to anyone other than the title firm.
  • Use just the wire instructions provided by the title firm.
  • Be careful of out-of-town purchasers or buyers who cannot talk with or meet with you.
  • Request references.
  • Request proof of finances.
  • Require a substantial nonrefundable deposit.
  • Trust your instincts; if something doesn’t feel right, it most likely isn’t.


Carefully Go Through the Cash Buyer’s Offer and Terms

A buyer’s formal offer (also known as a purchase agreement) should include information such as the sale price, earnest money deposit, contingencies, and closing date. When a cash buyer submits an offer, they should include evidence of finances to demonstrate that they have the funds to purchase the home. Serious cash purchasers will often put down a greater escrow deposit, which can range from 5% to 10% of the buying price. When you analyze bids, examine all aspects of the agreement, not simply the buying price.

If you want a faster closing or don’t want to put any more time and energy into the home, make sure the purchase agreement terms are clear and match your objectives.

Obtain Proof of Financing

Most sellers want to ensure that the buyer can afford the home on which they are making an all-cash offer. This protects the vendor and guarantees that the buyer has what they claim. Sellers typically need a percentage of what is known as “earnest money.” This one to two percent of the transaction price is a way for the buyer to demonstrate their ability to pay for the home. 

It can also be used to safeguard the vendor. Furthermore, sellers frequently request a bank statement, investment statement, or other proof of funds. If you are not familiar with this process or do not want to risk forgeries, you should let a professional handle it. They can help you make these arrangements so that your sale goes well.

Perform Title and Escrow Search

It’s time to work out some of the final legalities of buying and selling a home: title and escrow. You or the buyer may complete this stage, depending on where you live. Nonetheless, it is a significant step that should be taken seriously. This phase of the transaction should be handled by title and escrow businesses. 

It should be noted that a single organization can handle both the title and escrow processes. If you don’t understand why you need these types of specialists, remember that they both play a crucial role in the purchasing and selling procedures. A title company is responsible for the following tasks: 

  • Rechecking the property lines (and making any necessary corrections)
  • Searching for property liens, which are outstanding debts owed by the seller
  • Giving the title insurance 
  • Making certain that ownership of the property actually changes

An escrow corporation is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Keeping track of all closing paperwork
  • Ensure and manage the flow of funds from buyer to seller.
  • Complete the legal documents required for the sale
Conduct a Home Inspection

Buyers frequently include an inspection contingency in their agreement to purchase a home. This peace of mind added to their offer protects them as the buyer. An inspection contingency states that the buyer will pay for the house to be inspected. However, if the inspector raises a potential concern, they will be able to adjust the agreed-upon pricing. 

Sometimes, the buyer requests that the seller solve these faults, while other times, the buyer requests that the sale price be reduced so that they can fix it themselves. When the inspection and pricing negotiations are finished, it is time to begin closing.


Hire a Lawyer for the Closing

An attorney can assist in protecting you from scams and other issues and provide some peace of mind. Selling a house to a cash buyer may be quicker, but it is not always simpler. Before and during the closing, rely on your attorney. They can make certain that all of your paperwork is in order and that the title is ready to be passed to the buyer.


Close on the House

You’ve arrived at closing and are ready to complete the sale of your home to a cash buyer. Closing day is the date on which you get the proceeds from the sale of your house, and the buyer acquires ownership of the property through the transfer of title. Most purchasers (including all-cash buyers) will want to do a last walkthrough of the house before attending the closing. The buyer will examine the property to ensure it is in the stated condition. 

They will inspect desired repairs and ensure that any personal items not included in the sale have been removed. A cash buyer will bring a cashier’s check or wire the funds to the closing. A conventional buyer will provide cash to the closing table (also known as cash to close). And before you get your part, the lender will send the remaining money to the title company.

Closing day may be a thrilling occasion. In the midst of your enthusiasm, don’t forget to carry any necessary items, paperwork, or money to settle any expenses. Let’s review some of the documentation you might anticipate to see when finalizing a house sale.

  • Final instructions for closing. Now is the moment if you haven’t already signed your final closing instructions. These are sometimes signed when you open your escrow account. This document outlines the tasks that your escrow company must complete.
  • Information statement. This document verifies that you are who you say you are.
  • Title certificate. Signing this document shows that you have the legal right to sell the house.


Benefits of Selling a House Fast

If you follow the above procedure when selling your house to cash home buyers, you will enjoy the following merits.

Get Paid in Cash

The distinct advantage of cash home-buying firms is that they will pay you in full in cash, usually within two weeks or less of closing. When working with a real estate agent, the payment for your home normally takes many months. When an inspector sees your home, they can make you an offer immediately or email you within 24 to 48 hours. If you think the offer is reasonable, you can finalize the agreement with the cash house buyer. 

You can also decline their offer and investigate your other possibilities. However, if you need money quickly, the most convenient choice will be to sell my house fast Bothell WA.

Avoid Incurring Staging Costs

When selling a home, proper staging is critical. This allows potential buyers to see your home’s full potential and envisage themselves living in it. This also lets them know if your home is too big or too little for them, which might be a decisive factor, especially if they have children. Staging can be unpleasant and costly because you must rent staging furniture and temporarily store heavy goods in a storage facility while holding an open house. 

You may need to engage expert stagers to make your home more desirable. A cash home-buying organization can help you avoid this time-consuming and costly process. What counts more to such organizations is the size, location, housing market conditions, and overall condition of your home. These are the criteria that will influence how much they pay for your home.

Avoid Incurring Expensive Repairs

When selling your house on your own or with the assistance of a real estate agent, it is critical to make some repairs and improvements in order to attract as many purchasers as possible. If potential buyers discover that your house has plumbing concerns, they may lose interest. They want a move-in ready home, not one that requires them to hire a plumber or handyman. Consider selling your house to a cash home purchasing firm to avoid unneeded and costly house repairs. 

They will gladly purchase your house as-is. This saves you time and money on repairs and renovations.

Enjoy Maximum Convenience

Selling your home using the traditional method requires a lot of work, even if you hire a real estate agent, but considerably more so if you sell it yourself. The home selling procedure is difficult and may take some time, sometimes even months. To begin, look for a reliable and knowledgeable real estate agent. Following that, you must perform significant cleaning and decluttering, make minor repairs or touchups, and improve curb appeal to attract potential purchasers. 

While these upgrades may boost the value of your property, they can be rather bothersome, especially if you are on a tight schedule. You must also accommodate potential buyers who wish to view your house on weeknights or weekends. Aside from promoting, advertising, and negotiating with customers, there is a lot of paperwork to deal with. If you don’t have the time or energy to do all of that, a cash home-purchasing firm may be your best alternative. 

All you have to do is contact them and wait for them to check your home thoroughly, and you should receive a cash offer within 24 to 48 hours. It’ll be that simple.

Avoid Paying Agent Fees

While a real estate agent can bring in the appropriate buyers, negotiate a higher selling price, and sell your home faster than you expected, they charge a large commission, often ranging from 5% to 6%. This can significantly reduce the selling price. A cash house-buying company eliminates the need to pay high agency fees and commissions because there is no middleman. In other words, you receive the entire amount without any deductions if you sell my home fast Kenmore.


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